Great, you are interested in our arts. As a next step you can chose to have a personal conversation with one of our art consultants. They are happy to answer all your questions about our artists, the editions or the individual designs. This conversation is for free and has an absolutely non-binding character.

Would you like to give us a date for that call? Perfect! Then please fill in the form. It takes just one minute and our consulting-team will call you back.

Do you know our free of charge Look-Alike-Service? Learn more about it below.


This is a direct link to our Art Gallery. Here you will find all our artists, their bodies of works and informations about the prices and different sizes. Here you can also buy directly online.


When we look at a picture, we often ask ourselves where we would hang it, or how it would fit with our furniture.

Our Look-Alike-Service is free of charge and with no obligations. You benefit from seeing how your favorite artwork would look on your own walls. But before you buy.

It is so easy: just take a photo of the wall where the picture should hang and send it:

1. Take a photo:
Please take a centered photo of the wall. Tell us about the approximate measures of the pieces of furniture on the photo (for example the size of a couch or sideboard on it). Use the form on this page to fill in your data and to upload your image files.

2. Choose the artwork / choose the design:
Tell us which artwork you would like to see simulated and which size you would like it.

3. Our interior design consultants will prepare a photomontage for you:
We will then proportion the artwork and send it.

 So you better can visualize the full effect.   

Our Look-Alike-Service is a complimentary service to help you choose the right artwork before you order. It is free of charge and with no obligations.


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